Why God Why?


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11.1

To have to wait and see what and where your life will end up is quite a tedious experience. I have had many conversations with the Lord about why, when and where over the past years and trials we have gone through in our life. I still remember fighting with the Lord, SHOUTING at Him when my sister got so sick in her walk with cancer. Asking Him why, why this beautiful person with this beautifully pure heart had to go through all of this pain! Driving away from her house after a visit every time, I would shout at Him and cry, cry to Him for Her life and for answers. ‘Why Lord, why did she have to lose her life?’ I had questions for Him. I had LOTS of questions. I knew He had a plan I trusted He had an outcome, but I just wanted to know WHY?

Why there were people in our lives Spiritual Fathers and Mothers that never made the effort to support and uplift. Why She was so strong while being so sick and yet others alive and well, yet they were so weak. How she deserved more and others deserved so much less.

Yet even through all these thoughts and the pain I felt, I had peace, this very gentle reassurance within this walk she had to go through, Her walk, I knew God was in control. I have to say I feel a little embarrassed with the way I use to react towards my creator some days. But I know He is my dad. And that He understands how hard this life can be for me. He like any Fathers heart, breaks to see us hurting. But has to do what He has to do for the safety and future of His children and the plans to grow us to where we need to be, even though sometimes we can never fathom the why’s, how’s and when’s.

As a parent I always try explain everything I do, and the purpose and reasoning to why I do it, to explain to my children in in order for me to give them a full understanding and this, so they can make educated choices, but at times there are just certain things that are unexplainable and they just have to trust us as parents that we do the best we can for them to grow and be safe, to move into a better future.

Things happen in this life that we just cant explain. People do things that you just cannot imagine they could have thought through or explain why they would do it, and things happen within our walks that you cannot ever understand. And then you ask yourself, “Do we really believe when we ask God why?”

Have you ever had this hideous thought? This thought that would condemn you to Hell according to most Christians in the Church. “What do I believe?”

Have you ever wondered or pondered why or even how people around you could just be so mean or even so incredibly insecure, but then say they believe in God?

Do they really believe in Him then? Does it make you doubt whether what they are walking in is faith/truth/or misguidance/ or just a need for answers for their own purpose? Have you ever felt like that for yourself? I have to admit now as I write these words, and as I reflect on my life up until now, I have had these thoughts. I have asked myself many times, when being disappointed in the actions of others, and the way they handle certain things within their own lives, while just not considering their actions to be a cause of a ripple effect within someone else’s, how Christians, believers and followers and leaders, make decisions for themselves or for others, but yet can not see how those decisions could affect others as their ripples work its way down the chain of people they are suppose to lead. Control issues that are not given over to God, but kept within their own grasp, as they don’t believe anyone ells can fix the problem but themselves, yet how these very controlled decisions not being released to God, create disaster around them, carnage, and destruction of the purpose God has, all due to holding on to things and not laying it at the cross for the Lord to sort out.

I was reading in my daily devotional, a short scripture from Job 10

Where He cries out to the Lord within the time Satan was attacking him in Satan’s ploy to disprove Job’s faithfulness to God, when all His blessings would be taken away. Job in His heartache of loosing everything kept asking the Lord a simple question.

“Tell me what charges you have against me?” Job 10:2

And within reading more within this scripture I saw and felt His heartache as he felt lost and left unanswered by His God he so faithfully followed. And for a while he even took to listening to his friends telling him it must have been a sin that He had done, and needed to repent for. But Job within His cries to the Lord deep within knew His Faith was pure, but just could never understand the reason for this heartache, he always faithfully believed and followed God?

God had to show Satan how much Faith He had in this earthly man to stand pure and blameless even if all His possessions were taken from Him. His home, His life stock, His riches, children, family, and in the end even His health. He cried to the Lord through it all for the reason, but never once did He think that God had abandoned Him. He just wanted to know why, as He was truly pure and Blameless.

But was he?

God had to teach Job something too.

He questioned God.

Jobs’ answer from God was not what He thought He needed to ask, but rather a series of questions that shows Gods greatness and the moral order he works within. How could Job possibly understand God’s mind and character never mind His reasoning? We can never understand or fathom the greatness that is HE. Our only option is to submit to His authority and rest in His care. God Himself is justice.

If we cannot explain the normal common events in nature’s creation and workings, how could we possibly explain or question God.

We have to submit to Gods sovereignty, because only then can we hear what God is really showing and saying to us.

Why do we ask …why Lord? If He was the one to put us together within our mothers womb, and He even knows every hair, on our head?

Why do we ask Him what is happening? He is the one that made everything in our paths, and He directed it for the goodness of his Kingdom?

Why do we doubt His love? If He is the one we always run to when in trouble? Should He not be doubting our love to Him then rather?

Why do we doubt His existence if the mere birth of an infant is magnificent enough to prove of His greatness.

How can we doubt His love if He gave us the biggest gift any one could ever expect of a Father to give. He allowed the sacrifice of His son?

Isaiah 53:4-5

“Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by Him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed”

Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us (Galatians 3:13)

He was made a sin offering, and He died in our place, on our account that He might bring us near to God. Yet the suffering He endure was due to us, and Gods hatred of that sin that Jesus felt on the cross, when He asked God, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Just like with Job, God allowed evil to do what they wanted to Jesus, our Lord and in those times he expressed His feelings of abandonment as God placed the sins of the world upon His shoulders. But Jesus knew and trusted Gods plan and His will. He knew He was the Messiah who would fulfill the Scripture in lesson to the sinful people He was sent to for all of our saving. He was to be the conqueror of this world

Luke 23:46

Then Jesus, calling out with a loud voice, said, “ Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” and having said this he breathed his last.”

God allowed Jesus to be hurt, beaten and belittled, He allowed Jesus to feel forgotten and abandoned for His people. He allowed Jesus to be abused by the very people He was saving through his death. And with all the feelings as a human, Jesus must have gone through He still said to the Lord, ‘may your will be done!” He never asked God why, He asked for the cup to pass yes… but He took it willingly trusting the plans God Had. Did He know what God had planned? He knew the prophecy, but the bible says, not even Jesus knows when His second coming will be. But He never questioned Gods command, how can He, God knows best.

All will die in Adam, but those in Christ will live again

1 Corinthians 15:22

Job did indeed repent to God in the end, but rather than repent for a secret sin he might have committed unknowingly, He admitted and repented for the sin of not trusting in Gods sovereignty. For not believing that even through such terribly trials and heartache thrown at him, that the King of all Kings the God of all Gods and the creator of all things clearly knew what He is doing, was and always will be doing within our lives. He made us, how can we doubt Him?

Our actions and mistrust is our problem not His!

Why do good people die?

Why do we have to go through tough times, sometimes due to what others cause when we don’t deserve it.

Why do bad things happen to good people, even when they try so hard to help all around them?


Well my revelation within this weekend and the reality of my savior dying for my sins on the cross is so deep and heartfelt. How dare I ask why?

I am embarrassed to say that My Faith, all be it the one thing I hold on to through this life, has been weak. My Faith has been unworthy; my faith has not been what I thought it was, because how dare I ask the one that knows it all, why?

As we all wait for our lives to unfold, I pray that the way we walk in this plan God has for each of us, we walk in the Glorious Faith that Earths best can not ever compare to Heavens least, the gift God promised us…salvation through Christ.

That we will remember the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the way he fully uncompromisingly and faithfully trusted God for the purpose within His plan.

That I will always remember that He knows best and that He will always do what He does for the future of His children to step into the promises He has for us.

I am willing to take up my cross, if it can be used for Gods purposes.

May we remember Jesus’s sacrifice and aim to live a Faith filled and trust filled life for God to do what He knows best. May we remember the gift of His Holy Spirit He left behind to guide us within, the gift He gave on the resurrection day, and may we always stay thankful to him even within the wait, even within the unknown and even within the why.


The Cross-is enough!

A promise we can trust.

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