Luke 9:62 The Message (MSG)
62 Jesus said, “No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.”

This year has been a very interesting year so far for us as a family. Lots of changes, moves, new beginnings, excitement and disappointments, promises of big steps and so much shoved into one year all pointing to what God has promised us. But lately, I have realized that whilst waiting patiently for Gods promises on our lives and all these things to come through, that we have kept our eyes on the promise a little too much maybe. What do I mean by that statement? Well, I realized that by living patiently for this promise, I have put my life on pause…

I know what God has promised and I know that God says we need to be patient for His will when He is ready to release it, and I have done that. I know that He has and will always keep these promises He has for us, within His time. But this year especially, I found myself pausing the space I was in. I found myself, not getting involved in the present because of what I was waiting on to come. I have wasted my year on looking towards the future and lost all I could experience while accepting and enjoying and encountering what God has for me in the present. I decided that looking towards the carrot of promise hanging in front of my nose, I would walk forward like a donkey but not experience each step I was taking to get to the fruits of that promise. I missed out on all that I could do within my present for my God because I was waiting on what He could do for me!

Its as if I was finally due to start a new chapter in my life and just turfed the current one while waiting. Stopping everything that I had grown in in the past 10 years of His Kingdom and sat waiting on that promise. God said to wait patiently, didn’t He?
But this revelation I must say has been the toughest one yet to swallow. I had become and had been doing what irritated me the most from staff while being an owner of a growing salon. Have you ever received the news that you got a new job? The minute you find out you almost stop doing what you are supposed to do in the current one. I have seen it over time in my business with staff, as well as in other businesses and peoples lives. Once they have made a decision to move whether it be to a different town, to get married and stop working, resign to stay home, or take on a new type of job, even if they leave for a better opportunity in the field, they stop putting in the effort at their current one. I have always released my staff with love and blessing as every person deserves to forge their own path and follow where God draws them to. But I have noticed although they always leave on good terms, their work suffers and the treatments become less effective and the love and enjoyment they receive out of treating someone well for what they have paid for, leaves their train of thought. I could always see it in their end product so clearly once I had to repeat a follow-up treatment. WHY? Because they are looking towards their future. Rather than concentrating on every encounter and experience everything in the present position they become consumed by what lies ahead and how to prepare.
I can understand it if you were bitterly unhappy in your job, but if you have been happy and content but just needing the next step towards your future, I could never understand how people could stop having pride in their work. It’s not just your boss’ business, no in actual fact, the business is you. Whatever you are putting your hands on is an extension of you and how much pride you have in the outcome, isn’t it? Even if you are unhappy in a position currently- would do it to the best of your ability to achieve a great outcome ~Your personal best -not be more satisfying than complaining and moping and receiving complaints because in actual fact you did not do your best? You are not spiting your boss, you are spiting yourself your credibility in your job and most of all you are spiting your Creator. That’s a heavy I know…sory. But that is my revelation for today, give your best in every instance, all the time and be in the present… because the future has its own worries.
Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

So God gave me a dream- now while I am growing into the person that is ready for that dream to come to fruition, waiting patiently for His will to become clear. Should I do the best with what I have in my hands right now although it is not exactly anything remotely in line with the dream?

So let me be less cryptic-

God gave me music miraculously. A gift to write words strung to melodies from sermons, feelings, visions, scripture, emotions, stories and any way shape or form He feels to give them to me. I am blessed to have this gift that has ministered to my heart now for the past 9 years although I had no previous knowledge of music what so ever. It’s not mine but His and it is a dream gift to have. But it’s super hard to share.

So while continuing work on it, and practicing it, and growing it for the glory of my Lord, I have found myself unable to share it with the world the way I would like to.

I have removed myself from a place of corporate worshipping with a group, but find myself craving connection with the bride and with its song. It has never left me but almost haunted me.

Why? Well, maybe it’s fear? Or is it, that I have been focussed on another promise God gave us so much that I made my present unavailable for His glorification? I had forgotten that in my present, He can use me and is using me at work, at home, and through this music in His way as well as everywhere He is wanting me to have encounters daily with Him, while he uses me for others to have the same. I have not enjoyed my ‘rest period’ this year as much as I thought I did, and I finally see why.

Its because I pressed pause. I looked to the promise – but completely missed everything in between. It burns in me to worship Him, but because I look to the future I have willingly not stepped out and given Him my availability. Am I where I want to be – No. Do I think I will stay here- No. Do I want to be in the presence of my Father and His promises to me? Of course! But while I wait for specifics, do I want to miss any encounter He has planned for me? HECK NO! I want to have it all! every hard lesson- I want it If can have more of Him. Every disappointment I want to experience if I can share more of Him. Every fearful moment of transparency within my weakness I want to offer, If I can show the love He has for me. In everything I touch I want to glorify my King. I want to risk it ALL!

I pray if you are reading this, that maybe, just maybe, it will encourage you to look towards the promises God has laid on your heart, but make every second of the way count, and don’t miss a moment He wants to spend with you.

Whether you are at work, or in ministry, in a hard space of life, or dreaming for your change to come, give HIM your all with what you have currently in your hands. Do it, take the risk for HIM now! His promises are true and He is faithful, so make the most of every situation, and jump in and serve Him everywhere and anywhere you can whether it is in the parking lot of your local church, or on a stage infront of the congregation, or in your workplace daily, even if it doesn’t form a part of the vision He has given you for your future. everything you offer in service to the Lord grows you towards the blessing He has for you in your future. Make the present count more than the future, because as you stretch yourself today, the more He can give you tomorrow.


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