About Me

So in case you were wondering what this is all about …

In a world filled with uncertainties, I believe God’s plan has the most beautiful way of unfolding. This is the story of my life as an everyday wife, mom, business owner, worship leader and songwriter.

I am a wife to the most handsome, gracious, loving, and kind father God could have ever created, a mother to two beautiful girls who are both extremely talented, graceful and who carry a humility only Christ can explain. I’m a daughter to a beautiful mother who walks in God’s presence and glory every single day and who is continuously an inspiration to me. I am a sister to my brothers – two amazing, loving, and gentle souls, and lastly a daughter-in-law to two of the best gifts any daughter-in-law could ask for. But my most treasured title is ‘Child of God’

My heart longs to see people walk in the grace so freely given by Jesus Christ and not weighed down by the tragedies, hopelessness and shame that confront all of us at some point in our lives. As I share the stories of my daily struggles, victories or giggles, I pray that your understanding and experiences in your own life may be enriched and blessed.

I’d like to dedicate this written journey to my ‘Earth lost yet heaven gained’ Father Henry van Rooyen, and the dearest sister and best friend God could have granted me, Riska Roulstone.

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